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One House Bakery wants to focus on hiring military veterans. If you are a veteran and have a passion for coffee, baking or cooking, please apply even if you have no experience.

Who we are: One House Bakery is starting from the ground up in Benicia, CA. We will be serving a wide variety of breads, pastries and savory items. We focus on getting the highest quality raw ingredients, none of which have any food coloring or stabilizers in them. A wide variety of our products are made with whole grain flour that we mill in house. We want to employ people who are not only hard workers but who also take pride in what they are producing. One House Bakery is the first bakery I’ve opened, and there will be a lot of learning as we go. I have spent my entire life focused on this one goal and have devoted my entire career to learning and working with bread and pastries. I want One House to be a place where people can learn and be a part of a team. We will be building this from the ground up into something we can be proud of.


The exact hours for each position will have to be fine-tuned based on the needs.


IMPORTANT: There are certain requirements that must be met by everyone who applies:

*Must be able to perform a physical job and able to lift at least 50 pounds

*Must show up on time

*Must be reliable

*Must be self-motivated and willing to push themselves to improve each day

*Must focus on cleanliness

Pastry Cook:

Hours for position can be determined based on your needs 

Hourly plus tips

Full time or part time needed 


Job Description

Prepping cupcakes, tarts and cakes for the showcase

Prepping and finishing scones for baking

Making bread pudding

Making almond cream and assembling almond croissants

Making meat pie

Prepping pastries needed for daily bakes

All other pastry tasks that might come up in the bakery

descripción de funciones

Preparación de cupcakes, tartas y pasteles para el escaparate

Preparación y acabado de bollos para hornear

Hacer budín de pan

Elaboración de crema de almendras y montaje de cruasanes de almendras

Hacer pastel de carne

Preparación de pasteles necesarios para hornear diariamente

Todas las demás tareas de pastelería que puedan surgir en la panadería



Prep Cook/Line Cook 

Hours for position can be determined based on your needs 

Hourly plus tips

Full time or part time 


Job Description: 

-Prep work when not on the line:

Making stocks

Savory food items for pastry:meat pies, pot pies, braised leeks etc.

Making soup

Braising meats

Slicing meats and cheeses

Descripción del trabajo

-Haciendo caldos y sopas

-Ensamblaje de bocadillos

-Asado de toda la carne necesaria para platos salados

-Preparación de ingredientes y ensaladas a pedido durante el almuerzo.

-Presionar sándwiches para calentar cuando se ordenan

-Ensamblar y adornar sopas cuando se ordenan

-Preparación de verduras necesarias para pastelería.

Job Type: Full-time


Bread Baker:

Hours for this shift are 4:00AM-12:30PM

Hourly plus tips

Full time or part time 

Job Description:

Shaping and baking of breads. Including baguettes, focaccia, ciabatta, rye and country loaves.

Managing the proofing of breads

Scaling and mixing of bread and pastry doughs

Helping out the pastry team when needed with other tasks


El horario de este turno es de 4:00 a. M. A 12:30 p. M.

Tiempo completo, cada hora, incluidas las propinas.

Deberes: Moldeado y horneado de panes. Incluye baguettes, focaccia, ciabatta, centeno y panes de campo.

Gestión de la fermentación de panes

Escalado y mezcla de masas de pan y pastelería

Ayudar al equipo de pastelería cuando sea necesario con otras tareas.


Retail Associates: Full-Time, Hourly

Description: You will be the first face our customers see, and your main objective is to make them feel welcomed and valued. Must have a passion for food and a willingness to learn about the ingredients and techniques that go into everything we make. You will need to explain to our customers what sets us apart from other bakeries.



-Greeting customers and helping them with their selection

-Cleaning and restocking throughout the day

-Developing and nurturing long-term relationships with our customers

-Setting up display cases and tables in the morning

-Managing the stock of all paper and plastic goods needed in the retail area

-Helping with packaging of products including cookies, caramels and toffees

-Bussing tables when needed

-Running food to tables if needed

Dish Washer: 

Hours for position can be determined based on your needs 

Hourly plus tips

Full time or part time 

Duties include washing dishes, cleaning and putting dishes away in the kitchen.

You will receive and equal portion of the tips.

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